My clients used to tell me that they never had enough hours in the day, could never get to the bottom of their to-do lists and had trouble being consistently organised.

Nowadays, it's a different story!

I love nothing more than helping my clients to achieve all of the above and more.

Imagine the relief of being able to meet every deadline, feel fully prepared for every meeting and no longer having to stress over invoicing. This is the reality for my clients.

I can take care of everything from expenses to lifestyle and event management, basic bookkeeping, payment of expenses, whatever you need and you only pay for the hours I do. Whether you're looking to start small with a few ad hoc hours, opt for one of my monthly retainers or discuss a bespoke package, there's an option to suit you and your business needs.

I've been a Personal Assistant at Executive and CEO level for almost 20 years in some of the UK's largest companies. Nowadays I apply the skills I've learnt throughout my career supporting business leaders and entrepreneurs within more and more start-ups, all creating businesses from nothing which I think is amazing! I'm often the one setting these companies up, registering with Companies House, ensuring the correct insurance is in place and generally making sure that absolutely everything starts off on the right track from day one.......and continues that way.

So if you would like to feel:

* Completely supported by someone you can rely on to deliver every time
* Relieved that all of the time-consuming jobs you'd rather not do, are taken care of
* Safe in the knowledge that your business is running smoothly
* Free to spend time growing your business, focusing on the things that will make you the most money
* Relaxed and able to finally take a holiday, knowing that nothing will be missed while you're gone....

All without the stress of employment law, statutory sick pay, holiday pay or any of the other headaches that come with managing a team.

Contact me today and I can show you exactly how I go about making your business my business.

I can't wait to hear from you!!

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